How to make money on CS GO?

The fact is that a long time ago, counter strike global offensive ceased to be just a game you can play coming from school. Seychs CS GO has become an industry. There are huge championships and competitions, there is serious betting, it’s a huge arena of business. Yes, that’s right, CS GO full-fledged arena for doing business, where you can sometimes make a lot of money. That’s why, today we will talk about is it not a banal desire to get rare skins, today we will discuss how to make money on CS GO?

As everywhere else where there is money, CS has developed a strong development of fraud. Now, in addition to the steam market there are many other markets where you can sell your skins, or buy cheap and rare. Even in spite of the ban Steam to visit and use these markets, everyone continues to take risks and actively use them. Why take a risk? Because if your deal won’t happen and you simply will be cheated, nobody will protect you and you will stay in an uncomfortable position. This is one of the reasons why we decided to write this article for you. Although it is worth noting that such resources will help you get the best csgo case to open. So how do you make money on CS GO?

Resale skins

One of the most trivial and popular ways to sell skins is the simple resale. There are a huge number and variety of different portals on the Internet where bidding is conducted. Here you can get and sell the skins you need in semi-automatic and manual mode. In semi-automatic mode, you can find or sell skins literally a couple of minutes, but in manual mode, you can earn more, but also spend more time, which is not always acceptable and sometimes impractical. In addition, just play and hope that your case will fall out of some rare skin is very stupid, because it’s just a matter of luck, and reselling it all depends on your skills, so we will consider the resale option deeper.

Yes, buying and exchanging skins to resell them later on is quite a lucrative business. The only thing is that you will need to know almost all the prices of skins. You can of course use Steam Market, but sometimes, its prices are not objective and too low due to some operations. So you’re better off figuring out the prices yourself. Knowledge of where and when to buy we can not give you, alas, because this knowledge should be obtained through experience and only with experience, your earnings will be quite impressive, but meanwhile, you should not hope to get a big score at once. Also, this way of earning one of the safest and most stable. This process will occupy you a lot of time, but if you take it with full seriousness, you will be able to earn good money. In general, to make money on skins, you need:

  1. Understand the cost of CS GO skins;
  2. Constantly monitor the proposals exchange or sale;
  3. Have some starting capital (in skins or real money);
  4. Have at least a basic knowledge of the principles of trade.


Recently, roulette and other services for betting in CS GO have become very popular, and the number of these roulette grows. This is due to the fact that this is one of the fastest ways to make money, but not everyone understands that this is also one of the fastest ways to lose money. The fact that such systems are not very different from the usual casinos and betting shops. The only difference is that in our case you can use not only money, but also skins. To start playing roulette, you need to adhere to some rules:

  • Integrity csgo skin upgrade site is the basis, so it is extremely important to collect reviews about the site you are going to play on;
  • Always play according to a certain system, without giving in to excitement;
  • Determine the maximum daily limit and never go beyond it;
  • Do not play on the rare and valuable skins CS:GO.