Online casino trends

Here are the Top 5 top trends in the casino industry that could change the way we think about gambling. In addition, we can recommend you this site so that you can always find a reliable casino.

  1. Cryptocurrency fields. Not so long ago, cryptocurrency payments started to be practiced in casinos. At online casinos, you can run slot machines for money by making a deposit in a recognized currency. But soon cryptocurrency will become popular here as well. Therefore, gamblers are recommended to master it as soon as possible.
  2. The popularity of mobile casinos will increase. It’s no secret that the share of mobile slot machines is increasing. Casino owners are paying more and more attention to portable devices, which are used by the modern user. Such popularity is due to the incredible convenience of games and special bonuses.
  3. Live games. At first, the popularity of them fell, but then became more. Now players don’t just want to look at the table or behind the automatically spinning ball. They want to follow the actions of a real croupier. That’s why there may be more of these games.
  4. Special game formats. There will be even more of them, and online slots will please with their variety. So, manufacturers are already releasing games in 3D and soon may present the first machines in virtual reality. There will be more slots with non-standard reels and lines.
  5. Virtual reality. Developers do not get tired of experimenting and creating new formats in the field of gambling. At the peak of popularity this year, of course, VR-slots. Despite the fact that these games will have to buy special glasses, they have to please users. However, the public has long been waiting for something new.

Of course, not all of the above may be implemented in 2019. But players no longer have to be bored, they can choose modern slots from a large variety, run them on smartphones and download them to the computer. Thus, gambling has already become better and brighter.

The most amazing winnings in the history of casinos

Are you still thinking about whether to play for money in casinos? We offer a selection of the most astounding winnings that have long entered the history of gambling. The lucky ones just weren’t afraid to take a chance and made fabulous money.

  • In 2013, 84-year-old woman Gloria McKenzie hit the biggest Powerball lottery jackpot ever. She won $590 million! The old lady was really lucky. After all, when she was standing in line for a lottery ticket, a stranger passed her in front of her. Then the grandmother took the topmost ticket, paid for it, and went home. As we can see, fortune really smiled at her.
  • In 2001, waitress Cynthia J. Brennan won $35 million on vending machines. She immediately quit her job, planned a trip around the world, and bought a cool car. But fate played a cruel joke on her. A few weeks after her winnings, the girl was in a car accident. Her sister was killed and she was confined to a wheelchair forever. 
  • Elmer Sherwin is rightfully called the conqueror of Megabucks. First, he won $4.6 million on it. 16 years later, the man played the machine again and earned $21 million.
  • In 2011, on Christmas Eve, gambler Conor Murphy bet on the races. He predicted the winners of five races by betting in express formats. All “his” horses came first, so the man won £1 million.
  • In 2004, a young man, Ashley Revell, withdrew all of his hard-earned money and went to a casino. He had $135,000. Ashley bet all his money on red and won. Then he calmly went to the cash register, took his winnings, and fled. Ashley later opened his own poker room.

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