Why Instagram likes are so important

What do the likes of Instagram give you that everyone’s chasing them? This question seems naive, especially for those who are accustomed to perceive “likes” only as a praise of the environment for a successful selfie. We consider the issue from the commercial side.

What do likes in Instagram give

Every day, millions of people around the world use Instagram to share photos and videos. But hardly half of users know that they give out likes, which they regularly distribute to interesting accounts. These simple hearts provide a connection between the user and the rest of Instagram’s audience. Thanks to the hearts, no comments, social surveys or statistical summaries are needed to determine the interests of the audience. They are a kind of indicator that the post is in demand, and its author is moving in the right direction. In fact, likes are the best that Instagram developers could think of. Feedback from the audience with two mouse clicks is a unique opportunity to promote any product, company and even a specific person.

Categories of Instagram users

In Instagram, as in any other social network, the audience is divided into a number of categories. Users from each category pursue certain goals in this social network. For some Instagram is a leisure time, for others – a way to assert themselves, for others – to earn money.

  1. The first category is the usual users, who are not interested neither in the number of subscribers, nor the number of likes. They usually have one goal – to view photos of friends and idols. Ordinary users do not need popularity and only visit Instagram in their spare time.
  2. The second category is users who want to become popular. For them, social networks are a tool that allows them to assert themselves and prove something to others. This category of users chases the number of likes and subscribers, believing that these indicators are evidence of their popularity and demand. Representatives of this category can often buy instagram likes for self-assertion purposes. 
  3. The third category is companies or business pages of individual entrepreneurs, for whom Instagram is a kind of market, where you can earn good money. For this category of users the number of likes and subscribers is also extremely important. These indicators determine their earnings. Therefore, they use various tools to increase the number of hearts.

Special services for promotion in Instagram

The demand for “hearts” in Instagram is due to several reasons. Firstly, likes demonstrate how many subscribers actively follow a particular profile. Secondly, likes, thanks to push notifications, allow to define, who looks at new posts. Third, the “hearts” are an indicator of the approval of the society of the activity of a particular user. Today the stereotype is already formed in the society – the more likes, the more interesting and useful the activity of Instagram user is.

Speaking of the importance of likes, it is worth once again emphasizing that they are a tool for self-assertion. Many users will enjoy getting more hearts than their friends or competitors. Still, likes are primarily used to promote products, companies and accounts. Therefore, it is worth to understand whether the purchase of hearts to promote.

With the help of services for promotion in Instagram you can easily achieve a million followers. Using such an account for advertising purposes makes no sense, as the real interest of users reflects not the number of followers, but the number of hearts. Although do not forget that people often trust the number of followers and likes, so at the start of the project is to use these features.