Tips for using IGTV

IGTV did not get its name by accident. This section really works on the principle of TV, only the content creators are the users themselves, and the clips are shown based on selected recommendations for each particular user of the social network. Instagram IGTV is a relatively new feature, but you should definitely use it to get more coverage and attention from the algorithm.

And to create quality content, you will be helped by the rules that are valid for the whole Instagram – sincerity, quality and regularity of content. But if you want to get subscribers quickly, use specialized services and buy instagram followers. When working with the IGTV format, you should consider some peculiarities and nuances.

IGTV tips

  1. Be consistent. With IGTV, the publishing schedule is also important. Try to release videos regularly so that your audience gets used to receiving quality content from you and comes back for it again and again.
  2. Think through the video. Make a plan of the video in advance, its plot, think about the climax and the finale. Only this way you can create really interesting content, which has a logical denouement.
  3. Be original. Publish exclusive content, which can be watched only on your channel and nowhere else. This way your fans will be forced to follow your IGTV channel.
  4. Use links. Under each video, you can add a clickable link to your site, landing page, other social networks. This is a cool feature that allows you to promote anything by promoting your IGTV channel.
  5. Avoid flashy covers and distracting sound. A distinctive feature of IGTV is that videos are played immediately, but without sound. Keep this in mind when creating content, and don’t burden the user from the first seconds with bright screensavers or repulsive sounds. This can discourage viewing.
  6. Be real. Sincerity is the trend of the future. No one is waiting for your video super high quality, professional editing or epic special effects. The main thing is to create interesting content in your own brand style and be yourself.
  7. Communicate. Viewers can leave likes and comments on videos. Be sure to respond to comments, ask questions, ask for their opinion. They will definitely appreciate the fact that you are paying attention to them.
  8. Use hashtags. You can add hashtags to your video description to improve its indexing in the search engine.
  9. Talk about yourself. IGTV is still a novelty, the benefits of which many users have not yet discovered. Of course, the algorithm will promote the new format, but you should also remind your subscribers about IGTV and invite them to your channel.
  10. When you install the cover, its top edge will be slightly cropped. Keep this in mind when designing it.
  11. Don’t forget about quality and content requirements. Low-quality videos won’t be advertised through targeting, and viewers appreciate quality, too.

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