Progressive jackpot slot machines at online casinos

Some players are not satisfied with small or medium wins. Their dream is to hit the progressive jackpot in an online casino. Therefore, a few decades ago, gambling content producers equipped their gaming machines with special microprocessors, with the help of which they were able to offer users to compete for an especially large jackpot, which is formed from the general stakes of the players.

Jackpot slots are now offered by Novomatic, Microgaming, IGT, NetEnt and other game content providers. And the concept of “progressive jackpot” is known to practically all visitors to gambling sites and offline casinos, but not everyone understands what this phrase means.

How do progressive machines work?

So, the progressive jackpot of online casinos is the total deductions from the players’ bets. To win such a prize, you must collect a certain combination. The chance that it will fall is small, but everyone believes that luck should be on his side.

The first slot machines with cumulative winnings appeared back in 1986. The IGT company presented a series of slots in the gambling market. Visitors to the casino immediately seized the desire to get a big win. The greatest progressive jackpots are formed on those machines that are linked together by a single chain. They can be found in pinup slots. There are also options when the maximum winnings are accumulated solely from those bets that were made in a specific ground hall or online casino.

What you need to know if you want to win the jackpot

Everyone decides for himself whether he needs games where there is a jackpot. But, trying to get such a prize, it is necessary to take into account several nuances:

  • as a rule, progressive jackpot slot machines have a small RTP. Therefore, if you are not chasing a big prize, choose regular slots. In addition, if the casino has too much advantage in the online slot, it is probably better to abandon the pursuit of an illusory win;
  • the dispersion in such devices is very often high, which means that the winnings are not often given, although they are large. It is important to have a good supply of funds in the account to wait out the losing streaks. Playing at a fixed rate requires a large bankroll. Find out if you are ready for such a race;
  • often the likelihood of a big jackpot increases if you play at high stakes;
  • In some machines, the opportunity to win the jackpot is given only to those users who run the slot machines at the maximum rate;
  • If casino bonuses apply to jackpots, use them. But this is extremely rare;
  • if you are not ready to make maximum bets, choose slots where the amount of the jackpot depends on the current bet of the player;
  • stock up enough money on the game. Do not try to get the jackpot, if your financial capabilities are small;
  • and of course, learn all the nuances of the rally. It is important to find out how the main gain accumulates, at what rate you have to play, how often you managed to wreck the maximum reward on a particular slot. By answering these questions, you can draw your own conclusions;
  • on some devices where there is a jackpot, you can play for free. Here you will not be able to get a real winnings in money, but you can check the possibility of the slot without spending extra money;
  • choose games in the best online casinos. It’s really important if you really want to have some good chances to succeed.

The probability of getting the maximum winnings is greater on those devices where multi-level jackpots are valid. Of course, here the amount of the desired prize is not so impressive. In addition to slot machines, various jackpot options are provided in bingo, lotteries, poker, video poker, blackjack and other entertainment.