How does cloud computing save time and money?

You might see a lot of opinions about cloud computing as a revolution in the IT industry that opened great new opportunities for business. Cloud computing allows small and medium businesses to compete with large businesses. How is it possible and what benefits cloud computing can bring to your company? Let’s discuss below.

Firstly, we need to find out the definition of cloud computing. Follow this page to read more about this technology: In just a few words, cloud computing is an interaction between the user (the company can be a user too) and some resources in the cloud. The resources can include server capacity, virtual machines, environments for software development and deployment and more.

How cloud computing can increase company competitiveness?

There are some common business benefits you can gain from cloud computing:

  1. Remote access. This is the very first thing associated with cloud computing. Of course, cloud computing allows having access to your software from any place in the world with the Internet. This is especially convenient for startups because their team is usually placed in different cities or even countries.
  2. Scalability and flexibility. This is an important part of product delivery. Cloud computing can give you as many resources as you need without buying additional equipment in-house. What does the situation with physical servers look like? If you need more capacity, you should buy additional servers and other apparatus. If the situation changes and you need less capacity, you still need to maintain all the equipment you have. Such a situation highly increases your monthly bills while cloud computing makes things different. You should pay only for resources you use this is called the Pay-As-You-Go model or PAYG. Thus, you have cost efficiency and a great ability to increase resources when needed.
  3. Cost reduction. This is a logical continuation of the previous point. You pay only for what you use and increase cost-efficiency. Also, you don’t need to keep and maintain a lot of hardware in your office. Thus, you don’t need to buy it and hire specialists who’ll deal with it. Despite we put cost reduction in the third point it is in the first place for a lot of businesses. This is especially actual for startups. Usually, startup owners have limited investments and need to increase cost-efficiency by any means.
  4. Access to the newest technologies. IT area is developing very quickly thus for using new tools you often need to buy new equipment. Cloud computing gives you access to the newest technologies by only a few mouse clicks. You can use all you need from any location and at any time.
  5. Increasing security. Storing your sensitive data and other information on the physical carriers is quite a risky process. The server or computer might break and all the data will be lost (or you need to set up backups to a slave server, which also costs money). In the cloud, your data will be safe. Even if some server breaks, the cloud provider will deal with it and your data won’t be lost.

Wrap up: unbelievable efficiency with cloud computing – true or false?

Cloud computing is a powerful tool that will increase your efficiency but, of course, this is not an answer to all the questions. Moving the business to the cloud is the right choice but you should make a good strategy beforehand. At first, you need to analyze the current situation with your software and workloads. Secondly, you need to estimate risks and choose the migration model. The third step is the migration itself. To make these processes right, you should hire specialists in-house or find a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Each way has its pluses and minuses. Hiring specialists to your company can be a very long and costly way. You’ll need to spend money and time on recruiting processes. Also, talented specialists usually already have work, so it is hard to find them.

MSP company will provide you with a dedicated team of qualified specialists who already have appropriate experience and even ready solutions for cloud computing migration and implementation. Also, if one specialist will leave the team MSP will solve this issue unlike the leaving of in-house talent can pause your project for a long time.

Thus said, cloud computing will be a good choice with the right strategy and team. You will receive a significant efficiency increasing with simultaneous cost reduction.